Cheeky Chompers

Cheeky Chompers is the go-to brand for parents looking for quality and innovative teething toys and dribble bibs. Their products are designed to soothe your baby's sore gums while keeping them dry and stylish.
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Cheeky Chompers - Teething Made Easy

Welcome to Cheeky Chompers in New Zealand, the ultimate destination for parents seeking stylish and practical solutions for their teething babies. Our innovative products combine fashion and function to make teething an easier experience for parents and little ones. With various designs and colours, there's a Cheeky Chompers teething toy or teething dribble bib to suit every baby's personality.


Why Shop Cheeky Chompers At The Stork Nest New Zeland?
Shop our range of Cheeky Chompers teething toys and dribble bibs at The Stork Nest New Zeland for the perfect combination of function and fashion. Our products are designed to make teething easier for both you and your baby, while also keeping them looking stylish.